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What Are Neurotoxin Injections?

If you look in the mirror and are concerned about the appearance of aging, neurotoxin treatments performed at Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa can help. If you'd like to alleviate dynamic lines and wrinkles, Crow's feet, laugh lines, and more, BOTOX® and Dysport® injectable neurotoxins (also known as wrinkle relaxers) are popular and effective options. Neurotoxin injections are able to temporarily block the muscles that create these lines and wrinkles, allowing the skin to recover and smooth out. This noninvasive treatment can help both men and women achieve a smoother, youthful look. For more information on BOTOX and Dysport, contact our Winchester, VA office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Karen or a member of our experienced aesthetic team today.

What Can I Expect From Neurotoxin Injections?

Neurotoxin injectables administered at Exclusively Faces are quick and relatively pain-free. Prior to the injections, Dr. Karen or a member of his team will listen to your aesthetic concerns and goals when composing a treatment plan for your injections. After making sure the treatment area is clean and dry, BOTOX or Dysport injections should take approximately 10 – 30 minutes to complete. Following your neurotoxin injections, you should be able to get right back to your daily routine, although we suggest you avoid strenuous activities for a day or so. You may experience some redness, swelling, or soreness at the injection sites, but this is normal and shouldn't last more than a few days. It could take a few days for your results to become visible but should last for 3 – 4 months once present. To maintain your results, you can receive additional treatments at our Winchester, VA facility.

Neurotoxins FAQ

Should I get BOTOX or Dysport injections?
The specific neurotoxin injections you get at our Winchester, VA office will depend on your unique goals and treatment plan. However, BOTOX is generally best for treating Crow's feet, laugh lines, and mild-to-moderate wrinkles. Meanwhile, Dysport is typically best for treating moderate-to-severe frown lines. Dysport formulations also typically spread out at the injection site more than BOTOX, so Dysport may be a better option for treating larger surface areas.

How many injections/units will I likely need?
The number of neurotoxin treatments and units of BOTOX or Dysport required will vary according to individual needs and the depth and severity of your wrinkles and lines. Dr. Karen or a member of his team will determine the appropriate quantity of neurotoxin units based on your cosmetic goals and the site(s) to be treated.

What's the difference between dermal fillers and neurotoxins?
Neurotoxins like BOTOX and Dysport are used to smooth facial creases by temporarily freezing muscle movements, while dermal fillers are a distinct collection of cosmetic formulations that increase volume in the face. Fillers are designed to plump sunken regions of the face and skin and soften static wrinkles. Dr. Karen or a member of the Exclusively Faces team can decide if you might be a good candidate for dermal fillers like Restylane® or JUVÉDERM® to augment your BOTOX or Dysport results further.

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Prolong Your Youthful Appearance

If you have lines or wrinkles that are making you look older, BOTOX or Dysport at Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa might be excellent nonsurgical treatments. BOTOX procedures can effectively soften or prevent dynamic wrinkles, laugh lines, and Crow’s feet, while Dysport is fantastic for minimizing the look of frown lines. Each can enhance your natural beauty and prolong your youthful appearance. Contact Exclusively Faces today to schedule a consultation at our Winchester, VA office and find out more about attaining a fresher, youthful appearance.

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