4 Ways to Reverse Hair Loss


Nobody welcomes hair loss. Nobody ever wants to go bald. The condition is all too common among men and women alike, but fortunately, it never has to be permanent. Contrary to popular belief, there are clinically proven solutions for reversing hair loss, regaining full volume, length, and hair health.

4 Solutions for Reversing Hair Loss

Laser Therapy

Sometimes, hair loss can be reversed without the need for surgical intervention. A good example of this is laser hair therapy, which is scientifically tested and FDA-approved as a hair loss solution. Here’s how it works: Low levels of laser light are emitted to the scalp, where they trigger new blood flow to dormant hair follicles. The effect won’t be immediate but following several laser therapy sessions, that new blood flow can result in revitalized hair growth. Laser therapy effectively “wakes up” sleeping follicles, and as such, it can restore normal, natural hair growth.

Topical Solutions

Often, hair loss stems from unhealthy scalp conditions. If you have a skin disease or simply an unclean scalp, it can lead to dead skin cells that clog the follicles and keep them from producing healthy hair growth. As such, simply clearing up your scalp condition can sometimes be enough to facilitate new hair growth. Your regular shampoo and conditioner may not be sufficient—in fact, they may be part of the problem!—but with clinically-formulated hair products, designed with hair growth in mind, you can restore your scalp and follicles to their proper condition.

Lifestyle Changes

  • There are many different causes of hair loss. Sometimes, it’s due to genetic factors or to health complications. But for some men and women, hair loss is the result of lifestyle factors, plain and simple. For example: Are you getting the right vitamins and nutrients? You’ve got to feed your follicles if you want them to do their job!
  • Do you often wear your hair in extremely tight buns, ponytails, or braids? If so, you could be causing traction alopecia, where the pulling of your hair actually scars the follicles.
  • Do you protect your hair from the elements? Do you make sure it’s totally dried before you head out into cold weather?

Anyone of these lifestyle factors could be contributing to hair loss—and by changing them, you can potentially start growing more hair.


If all of the above fail you, it may be time to think about surgical hair restoration. Thankfully, hair transplants have come a long way, and today they’re highly effective, safe, and straightforward. In fact, NeoGraft provides you with a full, natural-looking head of hair with very little downtime or recovery required. Does that sound like the kind of hair loss solution you’ve been seeking? If so, we encourage you to contact Exclusively Faces today to learn more. We’d love to sit down with you and talk with you about how NeoGraft can reverse the effects of your hair loss. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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