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Lutronic Clarity II™

Lutronic Clarity II is a state-of-the-art laser technology that is utilized for procedures, such as skin rejuvenationlaser hair removal, and much more. Utilizing dual-wavelength technologies, Lutronic Clarity II can treat a variety of skin types. This safe technology heats up fast and is so effective that fewer sessions may even be needed to reach the patient’s desired outcome.

Lutronic ULTRA™

The Lutronic ULTRA is a non-ablative fractional laser that is used in skin resurfacingvein and lesion reduction, age and sun spots, and much more. This gentle and effective laser system allows for faster and comfortable treatments with little downtime. Customizable, the Lutronic ULTRA is great for a variety of skin types and treatment areas.

Lutronic eCO2™

The Lutronic eC02 fractional laser offers a variety of laser skin resurfacing options for deep wrinkles, fine lines, scars, textural irregularities, dyschromia, pigmented lesions, skin laxity, and skin tone. Many of these treatments can range from deep, one-and-done sessions with aggressive results and 7 – 10 days of downtime to light corrections that require absolutely no downtime. The parameters of this device can be precisely adjusted in order to best suit the needs of each patient's skin issue and skin type.


InMode Morpheus8™

Morpheus8 by InMode is a subdermal fractional laser technology that is often used for skin tighteningradiofrequency microneedling, acne scarring, and more. Using the combined technologies of radiofrequency energy and programmable penetrating pins, Morpheus8 is a safe and effective tool that produces wonderful results.

InMode FaceTite

FaceTite is a minimally invasive technology that contours small areas, like the face, providing a facelift effect without surgery. Dual-temperature technologies provide temperature control for a safe procedure. FaceTite can be used to treat skin laxity and provide facial contouring.



PRO-NOX is used to help provide comfort to patients during their cosmetic procedures. Using a 50/50 mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide, PRO-NOX is easy to administer through a mask where it’s easy to control the dose. Simple to use, PRO-NOX is known to alleviate anxiety and discomfort for many patients. After 10 – 15 minutes post-procedure, patients are able to safely leave the office and drive themselves home.

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