Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty


For those who want to substantially change their facial appearance, rhinoplasty can be a logical place to start; this procedure, also known as a “nose job,” can produce significant results, potentially resulting in a boost of self-confidence. With that said, a nose job certainly isn’t something to entertain lightly. Before pursuing this procedure, it’s important to do some due diligence and ensure you know what it entails. In this post, we’ll provide answers to a few common questions about rhinoplasty.

Nose Job FAQs

  • Is rhinoplasty a fairly simple procedure? Far from it, actually; in fact, nose jobs are among the most complex procedures that cosmetic surgeons perform. The reason is that it’s not enough to simply remove mass from the nose. For desirable results, it’s important to make the nose proportional to the face, and to harmonize it with the other features. That’s a delicate balancing act, and it requires the surgeon and patient to spend a lot of time talking together, sharing their ideas, and setting logical expectations.
  • Do most nose jobs end up looking fake? If you choose a cosmetic surgeon who cuts corners or fails to spend enough time in consultation with you, you can expect the end result to look unnatural. However, a skilled surgeon will ensure “plausible deniability”—that is, a natural-looking result that delivers meaningful results without looking too “done.”
  • Can I make my nose look like the nose of my favorite celebrity? It’s always a good idea to bring in some images that show your surgeon the look you’re after—but remember that the goal is something that looks proportional and harmonious with the rest of your features. As such, it may not end up looking exactly like your favorite movie star’s nose, and that’s okay!
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of a nose job? If it’s purely a cosmetic procedure, then the answer is almost always going to be no. With that said, insurance may pay for rhinoplasty procedures that are meant to repair a deviated septum or other medical issues.
  • Will I ever need to have my rhinoplasty redone? Again, this depends on the quality of the surgeon you choose. While revision surgeries do happen, the goal should always be a new nose that’s permanent. Always make sure you pick a cosmetic surgeon who will set clear expectations and take the time to be on the same page with you.
  • Won’t I eventually outgrow my dislike of my current nose? Unlikely; we don’t advocate for anyone to get rhinoplasty hastily, but neither do we think it likely that you’ll simply learn to love the nose on your face. Simply put, if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, we’d invite you to come explore your options. Do you have any additional questions about getting a nose job? Or are you ready to talk with a surgeon about the options you have? In either case, we welcome you to contact us at Exclusively Faces today!

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