How to Get Rid of That Muffin Top for Good: BTL VANQUISH ME™


You exercise when you can, you eat right, and you’re in pretty good shape overall. While you’ve lost a few pounds, that problem area around your midsection just keeps hanging around. Matthew Karen, MD, FACS is an expert cosmetic surgeon at Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa who stays up to date on the latest aesthetic techniques and available technologies so men and women in the Peachtree City/Sharpsburg area can look their best at any age. Dr. Karen’s innovative treatments include the latest generation of noninvasive, permanent fat removal. Learn how you can get rid of that muffin top for good with BTL Vanquish ME™ fat destroying technology.

Vanquish fat cells without surgery

Invasive surgeries like liposuction permanently remove fat cells, but they often require a painful recovery as well. With BTL Vanquish ME, the treatment device doesn’t even touch your body. This noninvasive, contactless technique means no pain, no downtime, and none of the risk factors that accompany surgical procedures.

Contour your whole muffin top at once

BTL Vanquish ME is adjustable and covers a larger treatment area than any other fat removal device. It wraps around your abdomen and flanks, covering your entire muffin top in the same session. Not only is this convenient, but treating all your fat at once, from flank to flank, spares you any lines of demarcation or uneven contours between treated and untreated areas. Plus, since you can reduce a larger area of fat in a single session, BTL Vanquish ME is more cost-effective than other fat removal procedures. Most Vanquish abdominal sessions take just 45 minutes, so you can get rid of your muffin top during your lunch hour. The device also adjusts to your body and your shape. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of noninvasive fat reduction even if your body mass index (BMI) is over 30. Other nonsurgical fat removal systems typically require you to have a BMI of 30 or lower for optimal results. BTL Vanquish ME works for virtually anyone who wants to reduce the total circumference of their entire abdominal area — the whole muffin top.

BTL Vanquish ME is as easy as it sounds — and highly effective

If getting rid of your muffin top with BTL Vanquish ME sounds easy, that’s because it is. It’s also highly effective. Radiofrequency (RF) energy safely targets fat cells below the surface of your skin. You feel a warming sensation as the device heats up the fatty tissue around your middle, but the real work takes place below your dermis (the outer layer of skin). As your fat cells reach the desired temperature, your skin remains comfortable, and there’s no risk of getting burned since the device never makes contact with your skin. It hovers over you and destroys the fat cells so your body can eliminate them naturally, through your lymphatic system. The result is a permanent fat loss — once fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good.

It’s safe and FDA-approved

Patients in Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, Newnan, and Fayetteville areas know that Dr. Karen employs only the highest medical standards in every treatment he performs. The BTL Vanquish ME fat removal system is safe and FDA-approved to get rid of your muffin top — and it works on your thighs, too!

Long-lasting results you can see

Don’t be surprised if your clothes fit more comfortably around your waist just 2-3 weeks after your first BTL Vanquish ME treatment. As your body begins to eliminate the destroyed fat cells, you’ll see a noticeable difference, but the real results take place after a couple months when your body has had time to remove all the fat cells you “vanquished” away. Most men and women opt for 3-4 treatment sessions for the best results, and losing 3-4 inches from your midsection is not uncommon. Ready to get rid of that unsightly muffin top for good? BTL Vanquish ME is the noninvasive solution you’ve been looking for. Call the office or set up a consultation online today.

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