Understanding Earlobe Repair


Many of us go through life never thinking about the possibility of split earlobes—but it’s something that happens more often than you might imagine. Most of the time, earlobes are split as the result of trauma; this can be due to earrings or gauges that are too heavy or the earrings being forcefully pulled through the earlobe. Not only is this painful but it can have cosmetic implications. Specifically, it can make you unable to continue wearing your earrings or gauges. It’s also worth noting that split earlobes aren’t strictly the province of those with pierced ears. Even clip-on earrings, when applied too tightly, can cut off blood flow and cause long-lasting damage. Congenital causes of split earlobes also exist. In short, anyone can face split earlobes, and while it’s never welcome, it doesn’t have to be permanent, either. There are some simple clinical solutions for earlobe repair, and we are pleased to offer them here at Exclusively Faces.

What Patients Should Know About Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair qualifies as a fairly minor surgical procedure. Here’s what patients can expect:

  1. First, the earlobe is thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic. This is an important step in preventing infection.
  2. From there, local anesthesia is applied to numb the earlobe, ensuring that the remainder of the procedure is pain-free.
  3. A small patch of skin is cut from the earlobe, then reattached to the widened hole.
  4. Depending on the type of stitching that’s used, you may or may not need to return to the office to have sutures removed. (Generally, we can help our patients avoid the use of sutures in favor of stitching that dissolves on its own.)

While complications are possible with any surgical procedure, most earlobe repairs are extremely straightforward and incident-free. They are done on an outpatient basis, which means once the procedure is completed and the doctor inspects the surgical site, patients are free to head home.

Preparing for Earlobe Repair

Before you have the procedure, you’ll want to have a brief consultation with your doctor, just to ensure you know what the whole surgery entails and what you need to do to care for the surgical site thereafter. If you want to have your ear re-pierced following the earlobe repair, let your surgeon know; sometimes, a small hole can actually be left in the ear for you. You may also wish to note that, following earlobe repair, you will likely have a scar; for most patients, the scar is fairly small. The biggest risk factor involves excessive bleeding. If you have any disorders or take any medications that cause you to have thin blood, let your surgeon know in advance. This is critical for ensuring you are an eligible candidate for safe earlobe repair.

Schedule a Split Earlobe Repair Today

Hopefully, earlobe repair is something you’ll never need. If you do face a split earlobe, though, know that there’s a simple solution. If you’d like to learn more about earlobe repair here at Exclusively Faces, reach out to our office today.

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