What Should Patients Avoid After Eyelid Surgery?


The eyes are an instantly visible feature that people almost immediately notice, and can therefore make or break a first impression. But unfortunately, the eyelids can begin drooping due to the aging process, the inescapable effects of gravity, and the degradation of proteins within the skin. As such, drooping eyelids can make many people appear older than they are or tired and lacking vitality.

This is why we’re excited to offer you eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, at Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa. To discover the rewards of a revitalized appearance via blepharoplasty, don’t hesitate to see us in Sharpsburg, GA, or contact us today.

What should patients avoid after eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)?

Our improved and clinically tested techniques can yield more attractive results with minimized risks and a more favorable recovery. Still, proper rest is the most important thing to focus on after your procedure, so we recommend taking several days to recover. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you experience swelling, bruising, or discomfort, as these are normal after-effects. Plus, an ice pack can help dissipate some of the inflammation and help you enjoy improved comfort. For optimal recuperation, it’s also advised that you take it easy and avoid overexerting yourself.

Light activity, such as walking or yoga, may be alright, and we’ll give you more specific timelines and aftercare instructions based on your unique needs and procedure. However, it’s also important you avoid physically stressing the area. Even if you face the aforementioned discomfort, it’s crucial that you do not rub your eyes. It’s also vital to keep the area clean and avoid activities (such as dusting, gardening, swimming, etc.) that could lead to particles, pathogens, or other objects getting into the eyes. But any effort taken to facilitate an effective recovery is considered worth it, as your potentially transformative results can last for years.

How can I benefit from eyelid surgery?

Blepharoplasty in Sharpsburg, GA can offer our patients numerous benefits, both aesthetic and functional. First, tightening up drooping eyelids can enhance one’s appearance, allowing one to reap the rewards of a more youthful, energetic look. Patients no longer appear sleepy or lethargic due to droopiness.

Additionally, eyelid surgery also offers visual improvements for some patients. Depending on the droopiness of the lids, this condition can actually cause visual impairments if the skin hangs so low that it covers part of a patient’s visual field. But thanks to blepharoplasty, many individuals are pleasantly surprised to enjoy better vision through a larger visual field.

Straightening and smoothing the lines associated with saggy, droopy skin can also make it easier to apply makeup. While also potentially reducing the required amount, many people will no longer need to use as many cosmetics now that they like to flaunt their more youthful complexion.

Explore the benefits of blepharoplasty

At Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa, we’re happy to provide our patients with the life-improving, confidence-boosting benefits of blepharoplasty. Eyelid surgery can dramatically enhance your appearance, giving you the younger, revitalized visage you desire and deserve.

To learn more, and take the first step toward a revitalized and youthful look, get in touch with our experienced team today or visit us in Sharpsburg, GA.

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