Which Brow Lift Technique is Best for You?


No matter how cheery and jolly your personality, a sagging brow region can make you look perpetually angry, tired, or generally unlike your truly vibrant self. The solution? A brow lift, which offers transformative results without the hassle or pain of more involved cosmetic surgical procedures. Our numerous browplasty options have improved many patients’ lives and can do the same for you. You can explore your options by contacting us at Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa in Sharpsburg, GA.

Enjoy the many benefits of a renewed, refreshed, more youthful complexion provided by a brow lift

A shot of confidence is an underappreciated gift that translates and transfers to all facets of your life. A brow lift can give you a more positive outlook, and you’ll find your new excitement and improved quality of life can lead to a better performance at work or school, and increased enjoyment throughout your day.

Nobody will know you’ve had any “work” done since our time-tested techniques produce natural-looking results. And you don’t have to worry about your face looking tight, frozen, or “worked on,” as all our brow lift methods will refresh your complexion, melting away the years and leaving you looking more energized.

If the variety of choices seems daunting, there’s no reason to feel stressed by choosing. Our professionals have helped many previous patients enjoy excellent results, and we’ll weigh all relevant factors when selecting the optimal option for you. Among these factors, we’ll consider your expectations, unique needs, and relevant lifestyle details. And your physiology, including the looseness of your skin. And your hairline, as well as the risk of its future recession. The choice of technique will also depend on how much time you can devote to recovery.

We proudly offer various effective techniques for natural-looking results

The primary difference is the location of the incisions. A traditional incision is placed at the top of the head, behind the hairline. This offers a couple of advantages, including greater lifting control and scar concealment. It’s best for those experiencing (or who may experience) a receding hairline. It’s also a great choice for patients looking to get rid of their sagging brow and frown lines.

Alternatively, a trichophytic incision could be preferable for those not at risk of a receding hairline. Therefore, the incisions are made along the hairline, offering greater lifting potential.

A more modern version is known as an endoscopic forehead lift. Endoscopic refers to the use of one of modern medicine’s most valuable tools, the endoscope. This handheld device is equipped with a camera and inserted into body regions to give a clear look at the inner goings-on. In this case, we make a few small incisions beyond the hairline, then use endoscope imaging to release the eyebrows, move them up, and secure them in their more aesthetic position.

Finally, for those afflicted with sagging in the outer brow regions, as well as Crow’s feet, we offer the lateral brow lift.

Contact us today to learn more about our fantastic range of visage-rejuvenating techniques

Our full spectrum of treatments means we’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you! You’ll enjoy a renewed complexion and a turbocharged zest for life, all while making a more favorable impression on everyone you meet.

So, whether you suffer from sagging, bagging, Crow’s feet, or some other aesthetic woe, explore your options by reaching out to us at Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa in Sharpsburg, GA.

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