Laser Acne Treatment in Peachtree City, GA

What is Laser Acne Treatment?

Patients commonly grow up hearing that appearance isn't everything. However, for those with acne, that's often the furthest from the truth. Patients who get acne typically have painful blemishes or inflamed bumps on their cheeks, chin, nose, clavicle, top of the back, shoulders, upper torso, and arms. It can considerably impact your life, not just from a cosmetic viewpoint but from an emotional one, too. If you have used medications, gels, or face cleansers to clear up your acne, but nothing appears to work, laser acne treatment could be a good choice for your skin. Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa is pleased to offer advanced laser procedures to treat active acne and acne scarring. We invite you to call our Sharpsburg, GA office and learn more about our laser acne and acne scar treatments. We want our patients to feel wonderful about themselves!

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What Are the Benefits?

Acne issues are a top complaint of aesthetic concerns that might destroy patients' self-efficacy. At Exclusively Faces, our laser acne treatment supplies our Sharpsburg, GA patients of many acne kinds and concerns throught the attached number of benefits:

  • Clearer, rejuvenated skin
  • Softer, more even skin texture
  • Reliable procedure that attacks the root cause
  • More pride in your skin's aesthetic

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Acne Treatment?

Patients of all ages can suffer from moderate to severe acne. Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, Newnan, and Fayetteville, GA individuals who suffer from active acne generally have inflamed papules, blackheads, or cysts that appear on different areas of the body. Laser acne technology is an excellent choice for these patients who have tried various options, including pills, ointments, or body washes. It may help individuals achieve smoother skin by reducing painful blackheads. Our staff provides the newest laser technologies that typically work great on most skin types with proven outcomes. Throughout your consultation, our skin care professionals will methodically review your skin and acne to see if you are a possible fit for this procedure.

What Can I Expect From My Laser Acne Treatment?

Before we begin the laser treatment, we will thoroughly clean your face. Throughout the 30-minute session, Dr. Matthew Karen will carefully guide the Lutronic Clarity II™ laser across your face to remove blackheads and eliminate acne-causing microbes. You may experience a little tenderness during the treatment; however, many people depict it as a mild stinging feeling. The procedure will help enhance your skin, allowing you to attain a glowing complexion. After you're treatment, you'll be sent home to carry on with your normal day. You might notice redness, puffiness, and mild skin sensitivity, but this is normal and should go away relatively quickly. Based on the area treated, we suggest not using makeup or other cosmetics for 24 hours. In addition, you should avoid any prolonged UV exposure. Our Shenandoah Valley and surrounding area patients will normally notice results after 24 – 48 hours. Dr. Karen will schedule follow-up appointments as necessary according to the seriousness of your blemishes or scarring. Often, men and women require 3 – 6 visits to get unblemished skin or start to see their acne scars diminish. This noninvasive treatment should leave your skin soft, smooth, unblemished, and refreshed.

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Post-op Follow-up

1 month

July 2024

Clearer Skin for a Confident Life

If you have acne and have tried various treatments that were not successful, Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa invites you to call our office to schedule a consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Karen. Don't let pimples — or acne scarring — hinder you from appreciating life. Let us help you get the soft, smooth skin you have always wanted. For more information about laser acne therapies for moderate to severe acne and acne scars, as well as cost and more, please call our Sharpsburg, GA office and schedule a consultation.

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