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In the Fall of 2013, after initially being examined by my local optomolgist, with subsequent research as to the most experienced, well trained cosmetic surgeon in the tri-state area, I consulted with Dr. Karen about an eyelid condition that I had since birth. Specifically, my eyelids were a bit thicker than the average person and often times during various facial expressions my eyelids would cover a portion of my eye and oft times cause my peripheral vision to be compromised. From the outset Dr. Karen and his staff were beyond awesome.

They not only were extremely professional but moreover took substantive amount of time to walk me through the entire surgical procedure, what to expect, time period of recovery, ultimate outcome, etcetera. During my final office visit of February, 2014, I expressed to Dr. Karen and his staff how not only thoroughly pleased I was with the surgical procedure Dr. Karen performed on my eyes but the treatment and interaction by he and his staff throughout the whole process. I can say first hand to anyone reading this that if you or a loved one has a facial / ENT related issue that you think may require cosmetic surgery to address, that Dr. Karen and his staff are flat out as excellent as they come in this field. I highly recommend Dr. Karen to anyone in need of this type of procedure.





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